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Student Housing - Sustainaility - Natural Ventilation

External living room

The single story block is the first of what later will be two buildings, together embracing an internal courtyard. The second building will be built in a later phase, and is mirrored against the first. All rooms have access to the in between lying courtyard-garden, via an in between space. This space is designed as a deep shaded outdoor space, which in the local hot climate might is to become an important social space, that can function both as kitchen, living room, studying area and courtyard. Whatever the season, even when it is raining. The protruding roof covers and shades the space, and together with the external concrete benches provides the minimal infrastructure for people to inhabit the space and make it their own. Integrated into the concrete benches are basis witch ctch the falling water from the roof gutter above.

Natural cross-ventilation

During summer it can be very hot in Ghana. Fortunately the project lies not too far from the ocean. We therefore designed the complex so that we could make use of the naturally sea breeze to ventilate the complex. The rooms are all laid out in a single lineair block, this in order to create the optimum climatological conditions. On both side the long linear walls are perforated, just under the cantilevering roof, in order to induce cross ventilation. The warm air rises up untill it hits the ceiling and it then guided out along the inclined roof.