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Epofie House - Student Housing - Information Based Architecture

Environmentally Informed Vernacular Architecture

On our travels through Africa, India and Indonesia we have come across some of the finest examples of environmental design. Vernacular Architecture wherever in the world, be it in Nias, Djenne or at the Dogon, all developed ingenious responses to local climatological conditions. The vernacular architectural concepts might seem simple and obvious, but are in fact sophisticated and sensitive. As 21st century architects we learn from the by evolution developed vernacular architecture.

Simple but Effective

Sustainability, particularly in places like Ghana, can consist of very simple but effective measures. The roofs we designed to be protruding and so protect the facades and underlying outdoor spaces from the sun. Since there is no watersupply to the site, we came up with the idea of an extra large roof. This roof is capable of collecting large quantities of rainwater quickly during the monsoon season. The rainwater is stored in an large underground tank, providing the complex with a year round supply. After filtering the water is ready for drinking.