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Furniture - Mono-lythic Material - Mark Hemel + Barbara Kuit

Limitation of Materials

This seating landscape was based on the idea to limit the materials to the absolute minimal, and so try to achieve all required structural and functional phenomena through the smart use of a potential rich technique. this technique we choose to be folding. As materials we choose to use only polystyrene sheets and aluminum rivets.

Multiple Uses

The resulting object is a not like regular architecture or design. It is intended as a landscape-like object, that is consciously left open for interpretation. There are so various ways of sitting and lying on the furniture, alone or with two or three people at once, so becoming a social place of interaction and a catalyzer for programmatic exploration. The aim is to integrate structural aspects and ergonomic functional and spatial ones. The aim is also to come to a less clear cut 'Architecture'; to undermine the idea that architecture is there to fulfill requirement only. Instead we intended to generate 'stuff' that could be interpreted in various ways, would be beautifull and inspiring just as landscapes do.