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Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower


The visitor's journey from the base to the top of the tower passes through a range of spatial experiences, beginning in a large, wide, light shell and ascending into a gradually tightening web. At waist level the experience is inverted, ending in the wide, lighter space at the tower's summit. A 45-degree twist runs the entire length of the tower, increasing the diversity of effects in the interior space. A deck at the base of the tower hides the giant building's functional workings. All infrastructural connections - metro and bus stations, and a pedestrian link to the northern embankment of the river - are met underground. This level supports other facilities as well, including a museum, a food court, extensive commercial space, a 600-vehicle parking area for cars and tourist coaches. The entrance operates on two levels, one a continuation of the landscape above ground, the other connected to the mass-transit and underground-parking facilities. Slow-speed panoramic and enclosed high-speed double-decker lifts serve both entrance levels.
The intermediate zone form +80m up to +170m consist of facilities like a 4D cinema, a play-hall area, restaurants, coffee shops and outdoor gardens with teahouses. An open-air staircase, the Skywalk, starts at the height of +170 metres and spirals almost 200 metres higher, all the way through the waist.
The top zone of the building begins above the stairway, housing various technical functions as well as a two-storey rotating restaurant, a damper and the upper observation levels, whose boxes cantilever beyond the structure to give visitors both the expected panoramic views and extreme vertical views into the structural zone below. From the upper observation levels it is possible to ascend even higher, via a further set of the stairs, to a terraced observation square rising above the tower's top ring, high above the booming city of Guangzhou.

competition-design-team:Mark Hemel
Barbara Kuit
Taco Hylkema
Patty Lui
Roumpini Makridou
Stefan All
collaborators:Moe Ekapob
Kelvin Chu Ka Wing
Xiaolan Lin
Linjie Wang
Carlos Estrada
Keren Englman
models:Nathaniel Kolbe, Eva Prelovsek, Daniel Schiffelers
animation by:Atlantic Pictures
structure:Arup BV, Amsterdam, Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd , Arup Shenzen
wind:Arup ATG (Wind Engineering), London
fire:Arup Fire - Fire Consulting Engineers
lighting:Arup Lighting
project-design-team:Mark Hemel
Barbara Kuit
Taco Hylkema
Tim den Dekker
Ying He
Rena Logara
Xiaolan Lin
models:Nathaniel Kolbe, Ran Ankory, Danny Marks, Kuo Jze Yi