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Guangzhou City Guangzhou Ta -Canton Tower
Guangzhou City Canton Tower

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IBA logoIBA is an architecture studio working globally on projects ranging from small to large scale. We believe in quality and personal attention. We will do our utmost best to guide our clients through the complex design and building process. In the past 20 years we have cooperated with many international corporate, government and private clients. With all of them we have come to successful results, maybe because we understand that each client has its own objectives, constraints and personal wishes. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to invite you over to our office in Amsterdam to have a first investigative meeting, free of any obligation. Together we can see if there is a basis for cooperation. read more


21 February 2018vacancy for talented intern rhino/sketchup-literate 3D-modelling enthusiast; send CV+samples to

News on IBA

21 February 2018IBA wins contract to build a 75.000 sqm 200m tall skyscraper in Guangzhou for famous Chinese fashion brands GIRDEAR and AMASS
15 April 2014Chinese Ministry of Culture chooses both CCTV and Canton Tower as part of top 10 contemporary Chinese architectural projects

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Canton TV Tower Guangzhou TV station Nan Yue Museum Velodrome Guangzhou
TV tower, Guangzhou, China TV station, Guangzhou, China Nan Yue Museum, China Velodrome, Guangzhou, China

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