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Leipzig - Refurbischment - University Building - IBA

mixed reality

concept description-
'Ambient media', a term originating from the field of digital information technology, is the notion that information, besides transported in a rational way, can also be a subtle and intuitive environmental feature. Wide ambient media, which delivers an all-round deep, wide set of information, is in our proposal merged with two material systems into one overall system.
This way the same space-shaping material surfaces are also the carrier of projected information; and become a tool for communication and teaching.


New media needs new architecture; a more fluid inter-connective architecture. Space not as rooms but directional, functioning as the conductor and stimulator for the exchange of information.
Our proposal consists of different strands of pleated surface, which appear to 'move' independently from the main facade up the building. Folds in the surfaces, which are used structurally, build up lines in floors and ceilings, directing the human eye to read the space as a continuum.

structure & materials

The pleated surface of roof and floors can be made out of folded aluminium bronze or stainless steel. Floors are covered with translucent top sheets, exposing the folded structure underneath. Cross directional girders, hidden between the folded pleats, are bearing in the sidewalls.