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Marseille - Housing - Urban Planning - IBA


Two existing scales are replied to: on the one hand the loose and heterogeneous pattern of different sized buildings - on the other hand the large scale elements as the flyovers and docks. A datum for the main massing of new blocks is set at 15-18metres, to allow for enough light to be brought into the area, and secure a density of urban allure. This plateau of massing serves as a podium for a row of towers which in turn relate to the larger scale of the flyover-structure and the whole of the docklands. In this way the area reaches over the road-system, and makes contact with the sea.

park system

As the area is physically disconnected from the sea or any other high quality spatial coherent system, the strip of open park-spaces linking the centre of Marseille to the site, is developed as a mayor landscape-system. Linking the existing parks with each other by way of a new widened and pedestrianised park strip, will bring coherence to the area, impregnating it with public quality space.
We envisioned the park-system as a sequence of artificial park-islands of straight-edged hills, spread in a linear route along the length of the site. These islands are like sandbanks in front of a sea; tranquillity and sensitivity in an otherwise rough and busy working environment.