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Info Tower - Shenzen - OCT

Information Tower - Exhibition

The information tower is planned for the Shenzen Bay area. The tower is to attract visitors to the entertainment and shopping area. It will hold exhibition spaces, information area, viewing deck, and is connected to a large undergraound parking area.

Wave shape

The wave is a lightweight dynamic and transparent structure that brings excitement to the harbour. It's unusual form will make it grow into a strong and clear symbol for the OCT area and Shenzen in general. The wave expresses the location's adjacency to the ocean, and emphasizes the recent history of the Shenzen; the fact that this particular area of Shenzen, in fact very recently used to be still part of the sea. Only recently this area has been reclaimed , and as the whole of Shenzen, looks forward to a speedy and dynamic future. This dynamism is expressed through this exceptionally dynamic tower.

design-team:Mark Hemel
Barbara Kuit
Ruben Ruiz Rodriguez
Sarah McKendry
Laura Solbes Llido
Bea Gracia Ferrials