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Canton Tower - Guangzhou Tower - 广州塔 - Female Tower

Female versus Male

The Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower (广州电视观光塔) also called Canton Tower, is intended as a curvaceous, gracious and transparent tower which, notwithstanding its enormous size would invoke feelings of sensitivity, friendliness and beauty. We designed it to be a Female tower that by way of its shape would endorse the notion of New Female values. Where most Modern towers seem be designed to impress with their huge size and mass, their heaviness, gravity and strength, we instead designed our Female tower to covey the notion of sensitivity and beauty. Male towers are the result of a methodology of simplistic logic and extreme functionality. The Male approach has been to exploit repetition and mass-production. Male logic has emphasized the power to produce cheap and effective, but has ignored the fact that particular values as beauty, coherence and sensitivity to it's environment are being lost. The Male Modern approach has so resulted in cities consisting of hard rectangular and repetitive forms. Instead, the Female approach is aimed to generate diversity and use an "biological" approach of optimization and diversification to create a richer and more sustainable environment. Our Female tower is therefore gracious and diverse at the same time. As a building the result is not only more beautiful but also stands for a new more holistic movement in architecture and city planning.

Canton Tower : The world's most Slender tower

Over the design period several issues have been investigated. One of the main issues the client wanted to achieve was to develop the most slender profile that was ultimately possible. Budget was of course one important factor in that. More steel would be necessary to stiffen the waist area since this was the relatively weak part of the tower. By gradually increasing the density of the structure towards the middle or waist of the tower the fixed budget. Another important factor was the required size of the core which was needed to fit all the required lifts, shafts and emergency staircases. The core had still to be able to be inserted into the tightest area of the waist. The size and shape of the core went over the design-period through a whole evolution: A circular core was optimized to an oval in order to fit it within the tightest waist possible. The waist consisted of a band between +270m and +300m, measuring 20.65 x 27.5m from center column to center column. Which means that taking into account a structural zone of about 3.5m; that there was only about 15.6m space across for the core to fit into, excluding tolerances required for movement of the tower.

for more info go to the canton tower information website: gztvtower.info