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Evolutionary Architecture - Hai Xin tower - Biological Intelligence

Hai Xin tower's relation to Nature

In the Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower (广州电视观光塔) we have attempted to shift emphasis from the conceptual to the material, towards tangible effects and spatial values. We aim to emphasise the experience, to use 'concept' as a tool for generating variation, difference and a range of spatial and material values instead of as an end in itself. We describe our methodology as evolutionary, in that we envisage many variations. Instead of serving specific requirements, our project attempts to generate ranges of qualities, in which particular qualities will be embedded more or less automatically within a whole matrix. Similar to a biological system's strategy for producing a spectrum of offspring instead of focusing all hope and energy on the production of a single specific, type we produce a range of possibilities, some of which will prove to be redundant, others which we hope will have the strength to survive.

performative approach

This approach has applied, for instance, to the production of floor-plate sizes and orientations. Each floor is different - in size, intimacy, exposure - and is designed to respond to a specific set of potential users and events. Similarly, the density of the structure is based on performance. The lattice-grid density is denser in the middle where the structure has to be stiffer. The ring distances are laid out in a gradient that is denser toward the middle of the tower in order to produce a more intimate and closed space within the structure, while at the same time putting steel where it is most efficient. Both floor-plate size and structural density are controlled by the two ellipses governing the structure's design, and together they generate a range of conditions. The more open structure at the top generates a transparent condition that attracts programmatic activities like observation, while the denser areas in the waist of the building provide a more intimate experience.

for more info go to the canton tower information website: gztvtower.info