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Blue Lotus School for Autistic Children,China


Location:Banfu Town, Zhongshan, China
Client: Guangdong Yibohui Health Management Co. Ltd.
Floor area: 3,630 sqm


The school designed for autistic children was developed based on an existing building, which is a single hall of 70m long by 31m of which the structure consists of steel portals approximately 6m center to center. We proposed to proposals which both aimed for a minimal changes to the existing structure, so to provide a cost-effective solution.

The tower is so to capture the spirit of Kazakhstan, referring toits nomadic history, embracing both the future and the past. The tower will be embedded in an axial masterplan that builds the connection between city tower and landscape. It will form the apex of such an axial path that runs from the main new city centre towards the south, supporting and amplifying theimportance of the building.
The first proposal divided the large internal space into thin slices, the overall space becomes ordered into quantifiable and understandable spaces with each their own atmosphere and thus also the possibility for all of them to have their own specific functions and features. The second proposal divided space into two parts: the “square” and the “village”, where both are embraced by two L-shaped two-story-tall blocks.