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websites after 2010
12 Jul 2018De beste docus over internationale architecten met onder meer Rem Koolhaas, Frank Gehry , Bjarne Ingels, Norman Foster en Mark Hemel go to webpage
16 Sep 2014Dutch business: innovative, creative, diverse, 9 of the world’s coolest observation decks
17 Jan 2017De wereld van de architect: article by petra starink over lazing Mark Hemel go to webpage

websites 2010
29 Dec 2010edilportale, Inaugurata in Cina la Canton Tower, una torre alta 600m, go to webpage
29 Dec 2010archiportale, Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower, go to webpage
29 Dec 2010Forbes India: 3 Architectural marvels unveiled in 2010, By: N.S. Ramnath, K.P. Narayana Kumar.
26 Dec, The "father" of Canton Towel-Living in Guangzhou,
26 Dec, Canton Tower in Guangzhou
14 Dec 2010Domus, Designed by the Dutch architects Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit of IBA. by Beatrice Galilee.
14 Dec 2010Prof. Mark Hemel from AA gave a lecture at our school
10 Dec 2010news shenzen, "Good architecture can stimulate public creativity", Report by Jing Newspapers
19 Nov 2010nos nieuws, The sky is the limit voor architecten in China, by Wouter Zwart.
19 Nov 2010Arch Daily, Canton Tower / Information Based Architecture, by Andrew Rosenberg, go to webpage
18 Nov 2010de architect, Toren met een taille, go to webpage
16 Nov 2010Consulate General Belgium Guangzhou: Een lelijk eendje wil zwaan worden, by Johan D'Halleweyn,
15 Nov Mark Hemel: Asian Game Openning is Amazing, Mark Hemel after Opening Asian Games, go to webpage
01 Nov 2010Wan, China sets the record straight, by Sian Disson go to webpage
01 Nov, description Mark Hemel director IBA Amsterdam.
13 Oct 2010e-architect, Guangzhou TV Tower : Development, Contemporary Chinese Design by IBA, go to webpage
13 Oct Canton Tower: Like a Sexy Female, Nickname Super-Model, go to webpage
11 Oct 2010archined, Six years building the tallest TV tower in the world, by Lotte Haagsma en Piet Vollaard, go to webpage
06 Oct 2010architectenweb, Hoogste toren van China geopend go to webpage
01 Oct the Canton Tower as part of the world's coolest observation decks, By Karrie Jacobs, go to webpage
29 Sep 2010awm, " Hoogste toren van China geopend" go to webpage
26 Sep 2010 Official website of Asian Games; source Xinhua, Guangzhou TV Tower launches test operation, go to webpage
10 Sept 2010China's neuer Megaturm Geman article on Canton Tower, by Markus Roman, go to webpage
03 Aug 2010Sexy high-rise, Dutch architect Mark Hemel on making of world’s tallest TV tower, by Shane Qin go to webpage
05 Aug 2010Behind China’s twisted Guangzhou TV Tower, By Tim Abrahams, go to webpage
05 Jul 2010radio guangdong, Guangzhou New TV Tower inspired by a Hip bone
29 Jun 2010 “设计的立场”之深圳国际流水论坛
Mar photos & info on the construction process of the world's tallest TV tower, go to webpage
Mar 2010skyscrapercity: forum on Guangzhou Tv tower, pics of Guangzhou, the host of 2010 asian games, go to webpage

websites 2009
30 Jul 2009Leaf magazine: 10 for 2010, 10 Visionary architects for a new decade: Information Based Architects, go to webpage
Feb 2009Wikipedia: canton tower: german language Wikipedia site on Guangzhou Tv tower, go to webpage
Feb 2009Skyscrapercity: 150+ pages : forum on Guangzhou Tv tower under construction, go to webpage
Feb 2009Frieze magazine: The positive effects of the financial crisis, by Owen Hatherley and Shumon Basar

websites 2008
23 Dec 2008 MediaNed: 'Hoogste tv-toren ter wereld'
05 Dec 2008 The Netherlands VS China: meeting new design requirement of China go to webpage
15 Sep 2008Popular Mechanics: USA: 'The 10 Next Hot Skyscrapers You Won't Find in Dubai', by Kevin Hall
21 Aug 2008WAN: 'Latest images show TV and Sightseeing Tower is taking shape as topping off is imminent', go to webpage
20 Aug 2008WSJ: Chinese language site on architectural offices transforming Chinese city of Guangzhou
April 2008Icon eye: The 20 essential young architects: 6 page article

websites 2007
15 Jul 2007Specifier Australia: Guangzhou TV Tower and TV Station, by Alys Moody
24 mei 2007 Archined Fortune Cookies: lecturereview Hemel & Kuit in the Brakke Grond, by Willemien van Duijn, go to webpage
02 April 2007 : russian language article on IBA's design for Guangzhou Tv tower and TV station, go to webpage
25 Mar 2007WAN: Dutch based IBA begins construction on one of the world’s tallest buildings in China, go to webpage
25 Mar 2007 WAN, World Architecture News, United Kingdom: 'Size Matters', go to webpage
07 Feb 2007 China Daily: Guangzhou to build world's tallest TV tower, By Zheng Caixiong, go to webpage
22 Jan 2007 Arcspace: Denmark

websites 2006
14 Nov 2006 Made in Holland, EVD, Netherlands : 'Cunning use of space and shapes' ;by Marc Mijer, go to webpage
14 Nov 2006 Made in Holland, EVD, Netherlands : 'Building when land is at a premium' ; go to webpage
16 Oct 2006 Bizz, Netherlands : 'Opnieuw grote opdracht voor Nederlandse architect' ;
05 Jul 2006 Guangzhou Urban Planning Bureau, China : 'Three Proposals for Guangzhou New TV Station Selected'
19 Feb 2006 Bizz, Netherlands : Barbara Kuit, architect hoogste toren ter wereld: 'Tonnen geinvesteerd'
16 Jan 2006Foundation World, United Kingdom: 'Ground broken for word's tallest TV tower', go to webpage
01 Jan 2006Gele Draak: Nederlandse architecten ontwerpen hoogste gebouw ter wereld, Guangzhou, go to web-article
01 Jan 2006 De Gele Draak, Netherlands :'Nederlandse architecten ontwerpen hoogste gebouw ter wereld', go to webpage

websites 2005
29 Dec 2005 Gele Draak: 'Nederlands architectenbureau bouwt hoogste toren ter wereld in Guangzhou', go to webpage
28 Dec 2005, Netherlands: 'Ground broken at site of world's tallest TV-tower', go to webpage
20 Dec 2005 spacemakers, Netherlands: 'hoogste toren ter wereld product van Amsterdams architectenpaar', go to webpage
19 Dec 2005 Construction & Maintenance, UK: Ground broken at site of world’s tallest TV-tower, go to webpage
19 Dec 2005 Building UK:'Work starts on world's tallest TV Tower',
19 Dec 2005,Turkey: 'Guangzhu Televizyon Kulesi Icin Yarıs Suruyor', go to webpage
18 Dec 2005 Guangdong News, China:'World highest TV tower starts construction', go to webpage
10 Dec 2005 ArchitectenWeb: NL architect bouwt tv-toren van maar liefst 610 meter, go to webpage
28 Nov 2005 Sina, China: 'World highest TV tower starts construction',go to webpage
28 Nov 2005China, China: 'World highest TV tower starts construction', go to webpage
08 Jun 2005 China Economic net, China: 'Worries of 'the first''; go to webpage
20 May 2005 Pacific Epoch, China: 'Guangzhou To Invest 2.2B Yuan For New TV Tower'

websites 2004
28 Nov 2004 China, China: 'World’s highest TV tower Starts construction'; go to webpage
16 Nov 2004 Indian, India: 'China to build world's tallest television tower'; go to webpage
16 Nov 2004 The Standard, China: 'Guangzhou plans world's tallest tower';
16 Nov 2004 Common Talk weekly, China: 'Guangzhou to build world's tallest TV tower'
16 Nov 2004, Guangzhou, China
16 Nov 2004 Guangzhou city Government, China: Images competition Guangzhou TV tower,
15 Nov 2004 China Daily, China: 'Guangzhou to build world's tallest TV tower',
15 Nov 2004 BBC news, UK: 'The Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has announced plans to build tallest tower', go to webpage
14 Nov 2004 China Daily, China: 'Guangzhou to build world's tallest TV tower', go to webpage
14 Nov 2004 Asia pacific broadcasting company, Malaysia
12 Nov 2004 Peoples Daily Online, China: 'Guangzhou to build world's highest tower', go to webpage
26 Nov 2004 Dexigner: 'China Plans World's Tallest Tower',
06 Oct 2004 Batiactu, France: 'Architecture Studio vise des sommets',
04 July 2004 Guangzhou Urban Planning Bureau, China: submitted proposal Guangzhou TV tower competition,
4 Dec 2003 AJ: the home of british architecture: TUTOR PRIZE MARK HEMEL go to webpage